Time Electronics -  Voltage / Current Sources & Calibrators (UK)

Portable Test Instruments

 Decade Boxes
dc milivolt source resistance box
potentiometers / source capacitance box
dc voltage calibrator inductance box
multifunction calibrator   
dc current source Multifunction Calibrators
dc current calibrator  res/temp calibrator
voltage & current source dc/ac v/i calibrator
dc v & i calibrator multi product calibrator
v/i loop calibrator oscilloscope calibrator
pt100 simulator multifunction cal calibrator
transducer / simulator series power calibrator
temp & process calibrator  
insulation tester calibrator Programmable Instruments
micro ohmeter calibrator 24 way prog switch
temperature calibrator digital multimeter
loop calibrator programmable resistance
Process Control Equipment   Calibration Bench & Option
low pressure calibrator te calbench
loop signal indicator  
modular cal system Calibration Software
  easycall calibration software
carrying case / protective boot / test lead kit  

Established in 1967 Time Electronics Ltd is an international company that designs and manufactures calibration, test, and measurement equipment. They have a comprehensive line of test instruments for a global customer base. Products range mentioned above.

Time Electronics has delivered accuracy and precision in the field of calibration for over 40 years. During this time they have built strong business relationships and a wealth of engineering experience with us. They have a global distribution network, and we represent them with strong technical work staffs and highly skilled engineers.





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