Omron  - Global Leader in Automation Control Components (Japan)

Relays   Temperature Controller
general purpose relays general purpose
solid-state relays  economy type
power controllers  module type
Counters  Automation Systems
general purpose counters plc
total / time counters support software & peripheral devices
electromagnetic counters   
  Motion & Drives
Timers  motion controllers
analog timers servo motors / servo drives
digital timers frequency inverters
delay timers  
motor timer Safety Components
time switches safety door switches
  safety limit switches
Programmable Relays  safety sensors
Switches  emergency stop switches
level switches  enabling components
basic switches presence detection sensors
limit switches safety application controllers
push buttons/indicator lamps  
thumbwheel switches Others
digital indicators  power supplies

Omron's product and service offerings in five areas: industrial (factory) automation, electronic components, automotive electronics, social systems and healthcare.


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