Lutron -  Test & Measuring Equipments in Electrical & Environmental Application (Taiwan)

YK Series

 Intelligent Series
humidity content meter intelligent thermometer
ph meter humidity probes
orp meter anemometer
conductivity meter  light probe
pure water tester temp probe
salt meter   
thermometer Pocket Series
  emf tester
HA Series  light meter
voltage / current calibrator Pen Series
conductivity meter  
dissolved oxygen meter Heavy Duty Series
humidity meter humidity meter
moisture meter anemometer
ph meter hot wire, low air velocity
HA Series   MY Series
low pressure calibrator co2 meter
  precision milli gauss meter
Education Series  sound level meter
resistance decade box  
capacitance decade box  LM 8000 Series
bench meter GSM Controller Series

                Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd . was established in 1976 and has been the Taiwan's leading manufacturer in the fields of Test & Measurement Instruments for more than three decades. Nowadays, there are about 100 employees in their company, and the factory's building size is around 6,410 square meters / 69,000 feet.

Being an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, you can be confident that all of  lutron products will meet or exceed your quality requirements. In order to provide the most competitive pricing, lutron have set up their SMT manufacturing facility to produce top-quality, well-designed and economical products.




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